TCIJ Data Journalism Workshop | 18-19 Sept | Apply Now

13 August 2021

Finding Stories with Data

Date: 18-19 September 2021

Timings: 1:30-3:00 PM | 3:30 PM - 5 PM

Mode: Online

2 sessions per day. Both sessions must be attended to successfully complete the training and receive the participation certificate from TCIJ.

Trainer:  Leila Haddou 

Data journalism can be an incredibly powerful way to get original stories that are hiding in plain sight by finding patterns and outliers, but it can also be indispensable in proving (or disproving) an existing investigative hypothesis. The aim of this workshop is to familiarise participants with a ‘data state of mind’ - the theory of how and why datasets should be used to build evidence-based narratives - as well as the main skills and techniques required for quick, efficient, and thorough data-driven investigations. 

Our introductory course uses practical exercises and a range of datasets of different sizes, complexities, and formats to reveal how to find patterns and outliers in data, helping investigators identify new leads and scoops.


This course is being offered to 35 postgraduate media students, based on a selection process.

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