Indian Bank's Association - National Voluntary Guidelines for Responsible Financing

01 May 2017

These guidelines "provide a systematic standardised framework of action catering to banking sector's risks, opportunities and responsibilities around environment, social and economic factors in an integrated manner."

Focus: Environmental, Social, and Governance
Publishing date: 2017
Effective from: 2017
Version: Final
Voluntary / Mandatory: Voluntary

Relevance to investor:
Institutional Investors for whom FI performance on ESG is important, can evaluate FIs who have adopted these principles with greater ease, and also have the confidence of a holistic evaluation of the partner.

Present ESG Principles for Responsible Financing as a Guideline for FIs

Institution behind the policy / framework: Indian Banks' Association

Target users: Financial institutions

Components of the policy / framework:

ESG Principles:
Principle 1: Ethical conduct and E&S Governance
Principle 2: Integration of E&S risk management in business activities
Principle 3: Minimizing environmental footprint in internal operations
Principle 4: Environmentally friendly products, services and investment
Principle 5: Enabling inclusive human and social development
Principle 6: Stakeholder engagement
Principle 7: Commitment to human rights
Principle 8: Disclosure
8 ESG Principles viewed across (a) Description and Applicability, and (b) Areas of Disclosure
5 Pillars of Responsible Finance Strategy
Principle-wise Implementation Guidance

Five Pillars of a Responsible Finance Strategy:

  1. Leadership
  2. Materiality
  3. Integration
  4. Engagement
  5. Disclosure and Reporting

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