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Average Policy Scores of Assessed Banks - 2021

Fair Finance Guide Bank Scoring Criteria

All banks have been assessed using a scoring system referred to as the Fair Finance Guide Methodology. The methodology based on existing international standards and conventions as well as a range of other widely accepted guidelines in areas pertaining to responsible businesses. 

The Fair Finance Guide’s themes are in broad alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals. The FFG themes are grouped into three categories: cross-cutting, sector and operational. The cross-cutting and sectoral themes are largely, though not entirely, focused on the conditions, if any, that financial institutions place on companies that they lend to; whereas cross-cutting themes apply across sectors, sectoral themes are specific to particular sector. The operational themes are focused on the financial institutions ’internal policies. Of the 23 themes, nine are core themes, meaning that FFGI coalitions must include these themes as part of their assessment of banks. 

Fair Finance Guide International expects that the policy of the financial institution, or at least a summary of it, is made public, for example through their website or in the annual report. The name or the topic of the policy document is not relevant, for example elements on labour rights can be included in a human rights policy. When comparing the policies of financial institutions, Fair Finance Guide International does not assess the way the financial institution takes decisions on its investments and financial services, but the underlying principles.

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