India Green Finance Leadership Collaborative (GFLC) - Building a Consensus on the Definition of Green Finance

01 March 2019

"For emerging economies like India, it is imperative to balance economic growth with low-carbon growth such that the two complement each other. Capital must hence be directed towards the low-carbon/carbon-neutral areas. cKinetics, together with Climate Policy Initiative (CPI), and supported by the Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation have accordingly developed a Green Finance Taxonomy"

Focus: Environmental, Social, and Governance
Publishing date: 2019
Version: Final
Voluntary / Mandatory: Voluntary

Relevance to investor:
"Defines investment activities that generate a measurable impact or a demonstrable change from the current or base case."
A clear definition helps investors make the apt decisions, and scenario and risk analyses.

Defining ‘Green’ and ‘Green Finance’ in the Indian context

Institution behind the policy / framework:

  • cKinetics
  • Climate Policy Initiative
  • Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation

Target users: All Indian businesses and Investors

Components of the policy / framework:
Definition of Green Finance in the Indian context

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