SEBI Social Stock Exchange

01 June 2020

"The Honourable Finance Minister of India initiated the development of an Indian Social Stock Exchange that would also act as an electronic fund raising platform.

Focus: Environmental, Social, and Governance
Publishing date: 2020
Version: Final
Voluntary / Mandatory: Voluntary

Relevance to investor:
As a platform for infusing social capital, it will encourage blended finance structures. Conventional capital can be combined with social capital and offer investors a platform to list securities and other funding structures guided by defined processes. It will be a place where investors can meet and partner with those raising funds through "several instruments such as zero-coupon-zero-principal bonds, social venture funds and mutual funds."

"Initiate steps towards creating an electronic fund raising platform--a social stock exchange--under the regulatory ambit of Securities and Exchange Board of India for listing social enterprises and voluntary organizations working for the realization of a social welfare objective so that they can raise capital as equity, debt or as units like a mutual fund”

Institution behind the policy / framework:
Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), GoI

Target users:
Civil society, social enterprises, any investing business

Components of the policy / framework:

Policy Recommendations-

  • Designing appropriate policy interventions
  • Designing appropriate policy interventions
  • Market making
  • Tax policy


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